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The need of the hour is knowledge with the requisite skill, the right attitude integrated with the right social, ethical and moral values. Our commitment towards Quality education is of prime importance. Education has undergone a tremendous change with passage of time. An unidirectional learning method is being increasingly substituted by a multidirectional group workshop method. Here, the teacher and technology becomes the group facilitator, nurturing students without the phobia of examinations and homework. Our institution uses various learning aids which enable understanding capabilities in concepts with relevant practicality/application.

Cloud interactive teaching:These are a series of presentations aimed at giving the teachers options to reiterate their points through visual reinforcement. As the teachers take up a topic, they will be aided by an interactive board that contains dynamic visuals, short videos and periodic questions that help to ensure that the students are kept involved in the process.

FLIP CLASS: These are a series of videos, presentations and pdf collections explaining the concept being taught that the students can use outside class. These serve to help the student prepare for an upcoming class thereby giving them an overview of the basic concept so that they can use the class to ask their teachers questions that will further cement their understanding. The Flip Class can also be used as a periodic revision tool. The videos which show the actual scientific process in action as a voiceover explains in simple terms have proven to be highly beneficial in the pilot projects that we have undertaken in a few schools.

TESTING AND ANALYTICS : We have a database of nearly 2,00,000 questions that will help the students test how completely they have understood a subject. We also have an analytic tool that gives them feedback on their strong and weak zones and then designs the subsequent tests accordingly, something that can be much more useful than just telling them the percentage of questions they answered correctly.

TABLETS: All the classroom teaching activity along with the 3D animated videos, Ebooks and tests on micro level are provided by Meluha to the students in the form of TABLETS.  Campus is enabled with restricted Parental control Wifi connections where  the teachers and students communicate with each other seamlessly. Teachers will design peer to peer short tests and push them to students tablets whenever the need arises.