In Meluha Classroom Teaching proceeds through a new Teaching Methodology… CIT. In this, statements / Questions come and go in the form of clouds and makes the classroom teaching interactive.

  • Cloud Interactive Teaching (CIT)-Advantages:
  • Multi-sensory learning
  • Better visual appeal
  • Constant facial interaction
  • 3D Animated Images and Videos
  • Instant review & Revision of the topic
  • Time saving of the teacher and the student.


Socratic Time / Socratic method, also known as Socratic debate, is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions. This inquiry-based learning system, inspired from the Socratic approach of learning, cultivates a higher order of thinking skills in students.



  • Integrated programme that covers both theory and practical sessions.
  • Requisite individual guidance to each and every aspirant on the basis of the goal set.
  • Personal care through mentoring mode in the aspects of Academics and personality development.
  • Lecturer-cum- mentors’ parental anchors to the allotted student for the improvisation of over- all potentiality.
  • Monthly – seminar on academic activities to upgrade student’s performance essential in this globalization.
  • Student-counsellors help the student in solve their academic and any acceptable personal problem.
  • Dedicated faculty with efficiency and competence to produce an incredible result.
  • Technology enabled class rooms and tabs with fully needed content.
  • Inspiring and ideal academic Programme.
  • Basic Training will be given on two Foreign Languages.
  • Developing the innovative thoughts from students with peer discussion in socratic time session
New World,
New Education,
It's a Smart World.

About Meluha

MIS always emphatically endeavors to craft students into intellectually, socially & morally conscious and responsible citizens who wish to stand unique with extravagant skills in this challenging era of education which is full of upheavals and turbulence while daring to turn towards the unexplored world. Our main objective is to produce splendid educators for the modern society of the future.

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Meluha International School,

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