In Meluha Classroom Teaching proceeds through a new Teaching Methodology… CIT. In this, statements / Questions come and go in the form of clouds and makes the classroom teaching interactive.

  • Cloud Interactive Teaching (CIT)-Advantages:
  • Multi-sensory learning
  • Better visual appeal
  • Constant facial interaction
  • 3D Animated Images and Videos
  • Instant review & Revision of the topic
  • Time saving of the teacher and the student.


Socratic Time / Socratic method, also known as Socratic debate, is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions. This inquiry-based learning system, inspired from the Socratic approach of learning, cultivates a higher order of thinking skills in students.



  • Integrated programme that covers both theory and practical sessions.
  • Requisite individual guidance to each and every aspirant on the basis of the goal set.
  • Personal care through mentoring mode in the aspects of Academics and personality development.
  • Lecturer-cum- mentors’ parental anchors to the allotted student for the improvisation of over- all potentiality.
  • Monthly – seminar on academic activities to upgrade student’s performance essential in this globalization.
  • Student-counsellors help the student in solve their academic and any acceptable personal problem.
  • Dedicated faculty with efficiency and competence to produce an incredible result.
  • Technology enabled class rooms and tabs with fully needed content.
  • Inspiring and ideal academic Programme.
  • Basic Training will be given on two Foreign Languages.
  • Developing the innovative thoughts from students with peer discussion in socratic time session