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Career Counselling

Cialfo is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the college application process and career planning for students. By offering tools for career exploration, college matching, and application management, Cialfo helps students at Meluha International School make informed decisions about their future. With features like psychometric assessments, students gain insights into their strengths and interests, guiding them towards suitable career paths. This collaboration ensures that students are well-prepared and supported as they transition from high school to higher education or professional endeavors.

Key Features Beneficial for Students and Parents

Career Exploration Tools

Helps students discover careers that align with their interests and strengths, fostering informed decision-making.

Benefit: Empowers students with the knowledge to choose a career path that suits their passions and skills.

College Matching and Application Management

Streamlines the process of finding suitable colleges and managing applications, making it easier and more organized.

Benefit: Reduces the stress and complexity of college applications, ensuring students don’t miss out on opportunities.

Psychometric Assessments

Offers assessments to help students understand their personality traits, learning styles, and career interests.

Benefit: Provides valuable self-insight that aids in personal and academic development.

Progress Tracking

Allows students to track their application status, deadlines, and requirements in one place.

Benefit: Keeps students and parents informed and prepared, preventing last-minute rushes and missed deadlines.

Collaboration and Support

Facilitates communication between students, counsellors, and parents, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Benefit: Enhances the support system for the student, making the career and college planning process a collaborative effort.

By integrating Cialfo, Meluha International School demonstrates its commitment to providing a forward-thinking and supportive environment, helping students navigate their futures with confidence and clarity.

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