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Welcome To Meluha

Our innovative approach towards education through integrated curriculums of Boards and Competitive examinations sets our students apart from competition. With the focus towards students learning, our students have time to balance their extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and every student will pursue future endeavours with a multi-faceted skill set and a confidence to achieve their dreams.

We are an international school with an Indian mind, heart and soul. We understand the requirement of the present generation in the realm of education and we strive to equip our students with the right education, attitude and values.

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Course Overview


Integrated Educational programs to prepare our students for a successfully future in the fields of Engineering, Medical, Commerce, Business and Design Fields.



Highly qualified and competent faculty who are committed to inspire children to achieve exceptional overall excellence, to provide strength and guide them in building their individual success stories. Teachers at MIS are well trained and also undergo periodic training workshops to adapt to new developments in the field of learning and education and also to better understand the psychology of new generation.



A 9 acre campus only for grades between 9 and 12 located very near to the city while also ensuring a peaceful environment away from the noise. Smart Classrooms, Labs, Library, sporting facilities like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball and an indoor stadium cum auditorium along with a 3-bed accommodation with separate rest rooms, individual Dining halls in each residential block.


A new teaching methodology where we use Cloud Interactive Teaching (CIT) which enables students learn in an interactive way and ensures better retention. Tablets to each student makes learning possible at every step and helps the student interact with their course and teachers seamlessly while also ensuring parental control settings on the devices. Suggestive analytics and Online examination platform along with the Learning and Content Management Systems enabled for every student.


New World,
New Education,
It's a Smart World.