Exceptional hostel amenities foster a sense of belonging and lays the foundation for lifelong friendships and learnings.

At Meluha International School, our hostel epitomizes comfort and care, offering 3-bedded rooms with AC and private baths to ensure a cozy, personal space. Our vigilant health and safety measures, including 24/7 nursing staff and secure premises, provide a safe haven for learning and growth. A warm, family-like atmosphere pervades, with dedicated teachers and dorm parents fostering a nurturing environment. We stand firm against bullying, promoting respect and empathy. Our holistic approach includes yoga, gymnastics, and nutritionist-crafted meals, ensuring your child’s physical, mental, and emotional development in a home away from home.


Comfortable Accommodations

Our 3-bedded hostels with attached bathrooms and AC ensure privacy and comfort, providing a personal space for students to relax and study.


Health and Safety

Round-the-clock on-duty nurses and a secure infrastructure ensure students' health and safety are always prioritized, offering peace of mind for both students and parents.


Nurturing Environment

A family-like atmosphere with dedicated teachers and dorm parents creates a supportive and caring environment, fostering growth and well-being.


Zero Tolerance for Bullying

With a strong anti-bullying policy and programs focused on discipline, character, and empathy, we ensure a safe and respectful community for all students.


Holistic Development

Daily special programs like yoga, gymnastics, and sporting activities, coupled with nutritionist-designed meals, promote physical health, mental well-being, and overall student development.

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Meluha School, Adjacent to Central Forensic Lab, Near VIF College of Engineering & Technology, Osman Sagar X Roads, Aziz Nagar, Gandipet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500075

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