Data-driven insights foster tailored educational experiences.


Monitor your user’s productivity


Content Reports

With the power of performance analytics, you'll be able to see which content truly work and which prove ineffective. Get full control over learners' progress on every course with Performance Summary reports for each student and teacher in your school - so that they can determine what needs improving!


People Reports

You can identify the users and groups who show a great deal of interest in your course by monitoring their activity. You should then compare this with how they perform on exams to see if there are any patterns that may provide insight into why certain students do better than others when taking assessments.


Quiz and simulation Reports

With MAcademy’s new "How am I doing?" feature - now including average scores by grade level AND individual answer breakdowns from tests taken within each subject area (in addition to total score tables) -- there's no excuse not know what kind off results he/she has achieved at any given time!

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